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MCA Coding Survey

The MCA requires all small vessels (up to 24 m) operating commercially to comply with the Small Commercial Vessel Code. This is known as MCA Coding and must be carried out by an authorised surveyor on behalf of a Certifying Authority. UK Yacht Surveyors is authorised by the YDSA and MECAL Certifying Authorities to conduct these surveys.

It is quite simple to transfer between Certifying Authorities; please use the contact form to contact us and we can make all the necessary arrangements for your Coding Survey.


If you wish to charter your boat or use it commercially, you must comply with the Codes of Practice. This includes occasional commercial use as well as permanent use and also includes boats such as sport fishing boats, RIBs used for rides for the public, boats taking workers out to wind farms and oil rigs, etc.

There are many different Codes of Practice that cover:

• Sailing charter vessels, including skippered and bareboat
• Motor charter vessels, including angling and dive boats
• RIBs operating commercially
• Workboats
You will need to use one of our Coding Surveyors to perform an initial Compliance Examination. Along with the appropriate paperwork, this starts a certification cycle lasting five years.

This five year cycle is subject to annual renewals and will require additional surveys to be performed by your Nominated Coding Surveyor, the frequency of which depends on the Code of Practice and the nature of your boat’s operations.